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How safe are the Play’n GO games?

Anyone who plays Play’n GO slot machines for real money on the internet has a very strong interest in everything being above board, safe and fair. In addition to protection against rip-offs and fraud, data security plays a particularly important role. In the following, we systematically check whether and how these basic requirements are met.

Many players now have on their radar that it is essential to look for a valid EU gambling licence in online casinos. On the other hand, it is far from being common knowledge that the game manufacturers themselves must also be licensed. Play’n GO is in an excellent position in this respect. The company has received official permission from three European regulatory authorities to offer its casino games on the net. For the market, the corresponding licence of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is relevant. This is available, and you can see it for yourself by calling it up on the Play’n GO homepage or by following this link directly. The fact that the company also has licences from the UK Gambling Commission and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission further strengthens our trust in the provider.

The payout rates of the games

Play'n GO games

Despite all the fun of sophisticated game concepts or spectacular graphics, the payout rates of the slots are likely to play a very significant role for many online casino customers. Therefore, in this section we will take a close look at how well Play’n GO is positioned in this respect. First, however, we need to briefly explain some basics.

We have already briefly talked about the RTP value, but here we will go into it in more detail. If a certain game has an RTP of 95%, this means that 95% of the total stakes are paid out to the players. Conversely, in this example, we are talking about a house edge of 5%. Very important: We are talking about theoretical win probabilities here. So you have no guarantee that if you bet $100 you will actually get back exactly $95. But if 10,000 players bet 10,000 times 100$, the average payout per player will be very close to the theoretical value.

The RNG is the component of the gaming software that ensures that the game results are actually based on pure chance. As a customer of online gaming banks, you must be able to rely on the fact that manipulation and fraud are definitely excluded in this sensitive area. That is why the regular controls and audits are so important. Play’n GO complies with all legal requirements and passes the continuous checks by independent specialists without any complaints. For us, there is therefore no doubt that all games of chance of the manufacturer are safe and fair. The promised payout rates are not only on paper, but they are actually achieved month after month and game after game – as it should be.

Gambling licences and regulation

Play'n GO slot

The Play’n GO company may have Swedish roots, but its games are available to slot lovers all over Europe. The most important European markets in the online casino industry are, in descending order, Great Britain, Germany and the Scandinavian countries. As an international company, Play’n GO has a valid licence for each of these regions. The prestigious gambling licence of the Maltese MGA entitles the provider to make its casino games and online slot machines available throughout the EU. The licence requirements differ in detail, but in principle every licensed provider must fulfil a large number of strict requirements and undergo the technical checks already mentioned. The manufacturer discussed here has been on the market for more than 20 years and is thus one of the veterans of the fast-moving industry. For us, this is also an indication that the provider is a serious and trustworthy company where we can rule out fraud.

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