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How to increase your efficiency and not fall off your feet at the end of the working day?

Efficiency and maximum productivity today are considered one of the most important positive qualities of a successful person. People who are passive and not energetic fall out of this list, because success belongs to those who know how to use their energy and direct it in a positive direction.

But what if the energy potential is too low, and sometimes it is not enough even to perform your usual duties at work? And even more so, you don’t want to do anything in the evening – neither go to the gym nor think about how to create an additional source of income. We know what to do to always have the required amount of energy.

Work intermittently every 90 minutes

Work intermittently every 90 minutes

Our whole life is subject to certain rhythms. You have probably heard that one sleep cycle is 90 minutes. The same period of time can be applied to performance. If you want to get more done, but spend less time on it, work for 1.5 hours without a break, after which take a break of 15-20 minutes.

During the break, there are a lot of things that you can do. First of all, you can press the 20Bet casino login button, sign in to your account and start playing different games. Also, you can read books, watch useful videos or simply do nothing.

Relieve tension with facial massage

Fatigue and tension can be quickly removed with a massage. And it’s not even necessary to pay big money for a course with a massage therapist. You can do self-massage.

Learn breathing techniques

By practising conscious breathing, you can not only quickly relieve stress, but increase the amount of vital energy. The simplicity and invisibility of performing breathing techniques allow them to be used even in the workplace. No one will guess that you are doing them.

Eat foods rich in iron

Eat foods rich in iron

When the body lacks iron, it quickly gets tired and slowly recuperates. There is chronic fatigue and decreased immunity. Get tested for ferritin. And if you have an iron deficiency, increase the amount of iron-rich foods and consult your doctor.

Use folk recipes

To maintain the energy potential, you can use the gifts of nature. Well helps to cope with weakness and energy decline ginseng, Rhodiola Rosea and Eleutherococcus. They can be bought at a pharmacy.

Relax after work

After any vigorous activity, there must be a period of rest, otherwise, burnout quickly sets in, and this is the first step toward exhaustion and depression. Learn to fully relax in order to be in good shape the next day, and if it doesn’t work out, master the skills of conscious breathing.

There are a lot of courses where you will learn how to use the practices of cleansing, healing, calming and anti-stress breathing. You will learn how to stop suffering from insomnia, experience constant anxiety, and live in harmony with yourself and the world. You will gain knowledge on how to restore energy and internal resources in order to maintain productivity and efficiency all day long, and much more other useful information.

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