Insidious body parts that give out a woman's age

Insidious body parts that give out a woman’s age

What tricks do women go to hide their age? But the years take their toll: even the best plastic surgeons sometimes cannot cope with the problem, and some parts of the body literally scream about the true age of a woman. It remains only to be on the alert and mask problem areas.

Monica Bellucci

The burning Italian beauty actively opposed plastic surgery and intended to age gracefully. Alas, the latest photos confirm the presence of wrinkles on the neck and sagging skin. Even though he has always been considered the most beautiful woman of her generation, still age is something that no one can escape from.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah’s age is given out by her hands. One publication even called them “witch hands.” Fortunately, this can be adjusted with outfits, watches and other jewellery. 

We should point out that Sarah Jessica Parker has always been under the spotlight. A famous actress is an influential person. Being in Sex and the City, Parker managed to establish herself vividly and the Casino National website also created slot games based on her character. Only time can tell how her influence made a major breakthrough in the entertainment industry.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

Victoria has always been slim, sometimes even too slim. However, even this fact did not allow the star to avoid problems with the armpit area and sagging skin of the hands. The wife of David Beckham is a prominent public figure that managed to establish herself as one of the top celebrities.


Time is ruthless, and over time, even the hands of the first beauties begin to wrinkle. Madonna is in great shape and looks great against the background of her young chosen ones, but the hands of a star are failing.

Demi Moore

With age, the area in the knee zone is deformed and gives out a number in the passport, even if the rest of the body is young and toned.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is almost 50, but she looks hardly 30. If you do not look closely at the armpits, which have already undergone age-related changes.

Amy Adams

Amy Adams

A floating oval of the face is a problem that all women will face. And if you do not do self-massage and do not visit a beautician, this will happen sooner than it seems. Amy Adams is one of the best actresses in the Hollywood industry.

Melanie Griffith

Ending facial treatment in the chin area is a big mistake. Otherwise, with age, the contrast between the face and neck will literally scream about your age.

Lera Kudryavtseva

Lera Kudryavtseva distinguished herself – the star looks good and it’s hard to believe that she is 48. But if you look at the neck, this figure seems more than plausible.

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