How can we manage our bankroll?

Regardless of whether it is large or small, some essential factors must be taken into account for good management, among which we highlight:

  • Knowing how much money we have available to place bets.
  • Look for a bookmaker that guarantees the investment.
  • Have all the necessary information before placing a bet (know the team, position in the standings, check statistics, injured players, etc.).
  • Have a first contact with the sport we want to bet on.
  • Choose the type of bet you want to place.

Although there are more things to take into account, these are some of the most important ones that will be of great help to you in your first steps in the world of betting.

What is a banker

Betting Glossary

A banker is a bet with a high probability of being successful. Logically, the higher the probability of a banker being successful, the lower the odds will be, but this does not prevent the bet from having value. In this sense, it should be noted that banker bets can fail just like any other bet, while sure bets guarantee a profit.

When to use bankers

If they do not have very high odds and they are not sure bets, what are bankers good for? The answer is simple: to improve the odds of multi-bets or for multiple bets. At least, this is how they are used by more experienced bettors, who also see them as a way to improve their bankroll, becoming another tool for long-term betting strategies.

What is Cash Out used for?

Cash Out is used both to ensure profits if the event goes in our favour, and to minimise losses if it goes against us. In this sense, it facilitates greater control over the bets and the money at stake.

Assuring profits: We bet on the victory of a tennis player in the semi-final of a tournament at odds of 2.00 and our tennis player wins the first set. The bookmaker offers us to close the bet at that moment, but with a lower profit than the 2.00 odds. The positive aspect is that we are guaranteed a profit, without having to wait for the entire match, thus avoiding the possibility of the opponent coming back from behind.

Minimise losses: In the opposite scenario, our tennis player loses the first set. At that moment the bookmaker offers us to close the bet, recovering part of the money we have bet. If we consider that our tennis player is not going to come back or that we have made a mistake in our analysis, it is a better option than waiting until the match is over, the defeat is consummated and we lose all the money we have bet.

How to use the Cash Out?


More and more bookmakers are including this option as a service to their users. Although there may be differences in each one of them, in general the way to make Cash Out is done through a button that we will find in the betting coupon. It indicates the amount of money we will receive if we decide to close the bet. Once the button is pressed, the order to close the bet becomes effective and the indicated amount is automatically credited to our account immediately.

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